5 Best Family SUVs for 2019

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Are you looking forward to purchasing a family SUV? If you are, then this article is for you. As you can see, there is a lot of family SUVs on the market. That is why choosing one that fits you best can be confusing. No need to worry. We will help you. Here, we listed 5 best family SUVs for 2019 that you should consider.

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#1: BMW X3

The first on our list is the BMW X3. Several years ago, an SUV with decent handling is not even conceivable. And yet, here we are. The BMW X3 has a decent handling as well as some other excellent features.For instance, the X3 comes with a class-leading powertrain. Or, its ability to offer faultless driving experience even with run-flat tires. Its equipment, however, is a bit under-provided. But, overall, the X3 is among one of the best family SUV.

#2: Volvo XC60

Volvo XC60 is next in line. Not only is this family SUV the Euro NCAP’s safest car ever tested, it is also a well-designed SUV with an impressive interior. While the XC60 may not offer the best performance or the best engine, it does offer safety and comfort as a family SUV. These two are its best appeal as a family SUV. By offering safety and comfort, its predecessor became Europe’s best-selling SUV not long ago. The new XC60 is likely to be the same.

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#3: Land Rover Discovery Sport

The Discovery Sport is Land Rover’s most entry-level vehicle. And yet, it is one of their best. The Discovery Sport offers a good handling and a practical interior. Since in the SUV segment these two factors are two major selling points, the Discovery Sport becomes one of the best options.

#4: Alfa Romeo Stelvio

What is great about this SUV? We all know Alfa Romeo Giulia is an excellent vehicle. Now, imagine taking every component that makes the Giulia Giulia and giving these components to an SUV. That’s what the Alfa Romeo Stelvio is.

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Alfa Romeo Stelvio comes with not only a remarkable handling but also a great look as well. Not to mention it is powered by a decent diesel, too. The downside is that it offers less optimal driving experience on less smooth roads and its interior materials are decent at best. These should be expected since the Stelvio is priced super-competitively.

#5: Nissan X-Trail

Last but certainly not least, the Nissan X-Trail. Since it is based on the Qashqai, the X-Trail offers not only comfort but also excellent handling as well. As with other SUVs, it comes with a downside. For some people, X-Trail’s similarity with Qashqai is not an issue. For some others, it is. The X-trail is also a bit unimaginative with average refinement. With all these downsides, the X-Trail is still a good three-row SUV, especially if we consider its price.

What do you think? Among these five, which one picks your interest the most? Or perhaps you are interested in two? Whichever the answer is, we hope our list of best family SUVs for 2019 above help you find the best fitting SUV for you and your family.



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