6 Easy Ways to Lower Your Travel Expenses

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1. Take care of your car
lower your travel expenses – A tip is that you pay attention to your car. Regular maintenance ensures that all issues are resolved quickly, which means they are cheaper and easier to fix. In contrast, while skipping services and ignoring small issues with your vehicle can save you money in the short term, it means you save trouble and much higher expenses for the future.

Make sure that you regularly check your oil and coolant levels. Detecting and fixing leaks helps you protect the engine of your car. Also pay attention to the tire pressure. By maintaining the right pressure, you can improve fuel efficiency by about two percent, reduce tire wear, and make sure your vehicle drives safely.

It is also very worthwhile to carry out preliminary checks on your vehicle to avoid frequent mistakes. Whether you can make the corrections yourself or you need the help of a specialist to solve these problems before your MOT becomes cheaper.

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2. Drive more efficiently

lower your travel expenses – You can significantly reduce the wear of your vehicle through efficient driving. For example, try to avoid hard braking that wears your brake pads, and be careful not to drive too hard, as this will cause unnecessary damage to your steering parts and suspension over time. Also, remember that accelerations can very quickly damage the clutch over time, while high speeds cause oil and engine parts to wear out.

Driving slower can also save money. Did you know that driving at 80mph can consume up to 25% more fuel than driving at 70mph, which in turn can consume up to nine percent more fuel than driving at 60 km / h?

Think about how to use the air conditioning. In general, it is recommended to turn off this option if you slow down and open the windows instead. Only if you drive fast, it will be more economical to close your windows and rely on air conditioning.

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3. Do not overcharge
lower your travel expenses – Clutter has a tendency to build up in cars, but if you have the habit of leaving unnecessary items in your vehicle, you could be costing yourself. The heavier the cars are, the more fuel they consume when on the road. So, if you want to minimize your expenses, it pays to bother keeping your car confused. This means that you remove any trash from the trunk, the rear seats and the parcel shelf. If you have a roof rack, remember to remove it if you are not using it. These accessories increase air resistance, which means the engine has to work harder.

Do not try to overfill your car as this increases its weight and means it needs more energy to accelerate. Filling up smaller quantities more often will improve efficiency.

4. Carefully choose your routes
lower your travel expenses – If you do not plan your routes carefully, you can end up traveling more miles than you need. That’s bad news for your budget (not to mention the environment). Therefore, before traveling to a new destination, it is important to think carefully about how best to get there, considering how much traffic is traveling on the roads. With a little more planning you can shorten your travel time and save money. Even if you make only small reductions, these can build up over months and years.

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5. Think about where and how you refuel
lower your travel expenses – If you are a person who only thinks about filling up when the low fuel warning light comes on, there is a risk that you will spill more than you need. The fuel costs can vary greatly between the various filling stations. So if you are not careful, you can end up paying a premium to keep your car on the road. It’s worth researching online to find out which gas stations offer the best deals in your area.

You can also take advantage of cash-back credit cards to buy your fuel, and pay attention to the special offers sometimes offered by supermarkets.

Also pay attention to the type of fuel used. While many gas stations sell high performance fuels, these products generally provide little or no benefit to most standard vehicles. So, unless you have a sports car, it’s probably wise to stick to less expensive standard fuels.



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