Choosing the Right Family Car

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Choosing the right family car is very important. After all, the car will be used to drive around your family safely and comfortably. There are several types of family car. For instance, sport utility vehicles (SUVs), minivans, sedans, and wagons. To help you find the right family car, below we tell you about each type with their upside and downside.

SUVs are trendy cars with attractive and sturdy design, roomy interior, and powerful engine. They are great recreational vehicles and can even do some towing when needed. SUVs often feature a high-driving seating which accommodates shorter drivers with better, all-around visibility. Also, thanks to their sturdy design, SUVs can handle various terrains with ease.

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The downsides are, however, SUV is well-known to be gas guzzlers. They consume more fuel than the other types. The high thresholds of SUVs can make loading things difficult even for adults. Lastly, they are not the safest vehicle for a family.

Minivans are a great choice for a family car. First, it is safer than SUVs. The center of gravity of minivans is lower than SUVs. As such, in event of a crash, rollover is less likely to happen. Minivans also protect the passengers further with their built-in crumple zones, which absorb the impact.

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Another good thing about minivans is that they are roomy. They can accommodate up to six passengers comfortably. They also have spacious cargo areas, too. And unlike SUVs, the threshold is low, which makes loading things easier.

The downsides of the minivans are that they have low resale value, especially if we compare it with the SUVs. Also, their exterior designs are not as attractive as SUVs exterior designs.

Sedans and Wagons
With the gas price steadily rising, the sedans become more and more attractive to many. But, the appeal of sedans does not end there. They also come with other perks, too. For instance, sedans are known for their affordability, excellent and nimble handling as well as large trunk space. Since sedans are noticeably smaller than SUVs and minivans, the passengers inside are within the driver’s reach. This is very useful, especially with children sitting in the backseat.

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As for wagons, they are basically sedans but with their cargo area located on top of their normal trunk space. Wagons were very popular back in the 1970s and 1980s. Today, wagons seem to make a comeback. The upsides of wagons are that they have the visual appeal and fuel efficiency of sedans while at the same time having the storage space of SUVs.

The main problem in sedans and wagons are their size. Due to their small size, a crash can result in more fatal injuries or death.
Which Type Is the Right Type for My Family?
Unfortunately, we can’t answer it for you. But, you can consider the following questions.
• How large is your family?
• Is the car just a means of transportation?
• How many people do you want to fit inside the car?
• Do you need extra storage space to store your kids’ equipment for their extracurricular activity?
Consider these questions and you will find the right type for your family. We hope this help.


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