Driving Tips to Help You Become a Confident Driver

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Driving Tips

Able to drive a car is one thing. Becoming a confident driver is another. There are many things that a driving school doesn’t teach you. And yet, these things can prove to be important. Below, we will give you some driving tips that will help you feel at ease and safe while you drive as well as avoid potentially dangerous situations. Let’s start.

Check Your Mirrors
First thing first, check your mirrors. Make sure that you adjust it properly. Also, make sure that there is no blind spot. A blind spot is a spot behind you which you can’t see. You should not allow a blind spot to appear on your mirrors as it can put you in a very dangerous situation.

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How can you know that your mirrors have no blind spot? First, adjust your mirrors so that you are not able to see your car. Then, drive backward past a parked car. Do this slowly while you are looking at your mirror. As soon as the parked car is out of the picture, see it directly. If there is no blind spot, you will be able to see the back window entirely. If you can’t see it entirely, that means there is a blind spot.

Dry the Brakes after You Drive through a Puddle
When you see a puddle, regardless of its size, you should slow down. Drive through it smoothly. Don’t change your speed or maneuver. Why? Let us explain. If you drive through a puddle quickly, the water of the puddle may enter the ignition system, resulting in an engine stall. Another possibility is your car aquaplaning, which will result in you losing the control of your car. If you want to avoid these, drive through it smoothly.

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After you drive through a puddle smoothly, the next thing to do is to dry your brakes. How? First, press the gas pedal. After that, press the brake pedal. Do this several times. It will cause friction. Friction causes heat and heat evaporates the water on the brakes.

Use the Handbrake
You should use the handbrake regularly. Yes, even if you don’t plan to angle parking. If you use your handbrake regularly, it will keep it alive. That means it will be there when you need it. The only condition you should not use the handbrake is in very cold weather. In that case, avoid using the handbrake since doing so will freeze the brake pads.

Turn the Wheels Accordingly
If you want to turn, be sure that you turn the wheels accordingly. Don’t turn the wheels in advance. You must put the wheels in the initial position before turning. If you turn your wheels in advance and a car happens to hit you from behind, you will be thrown and land on to the opposite lane, which results in you hitting another car, getting hit or both.

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A confident driver drives at ease and safely while being able to avoid potentially dangerous situations. Our tips above will help you become such driver. That is, if you remember them when you drive. We hope our tips above help. Take care.


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