Things You Can Do to Reduce Fuel Consumption

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With the ever-rising prices of gasoline and diesel, it is a smart thing to try to reduce fuel consumption. Do you want to know how to do it? Well, there are lots of things you can do to reduce your fuel consumption. And below, we are going to share some things you can do to reduce your fuel consumption. Let’s start.

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Limit Your Driving
That’s right. The first and foremost thing you can do to reduce fuel consumption is to limit your driving. Drive only when it is really needed. In case you need to travel for short distance, say one or two blocks, you can walk or ride a bicycle to get there. Not only will it reduce your fuel consumption, it will make you healthy as well.

Avoid Leaving the Car in Idle Position
When you are going to drive your car, try to avoid leaving it in an idle position. Albeit it is stationary, it will still burn fuel. Also, restarting a car does not consume more fuel than leaving it idle. Next time you want to drive your car, either turn it off if you are going to leave it for more than 10 seconds or use it immediately.

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Tightening the Gas Cap
Be sure that the gas cap of your car is on tight. This seems simple yet many people overlook it. It is estimated that around 140 million gallons of gas were lost due to evaporation last year. That’s not a small amount. The cause?The gas cap that is not properly tightened. Tighten the gas cap and you can keep all the gasoline that you pay for.

Do you often accelerate and brake constantly? In case you do, stop doing that. Doing so will only burn fuel more than what is necessary. Instead of accelerating and braking constantly, try to coast. Coasting will allow you to increase your car’s fuel economy and reduce fuel consumption. Coasting may take a little practice but it will surely worth the effort in the long run.

Keep Your Windows Closed
Yes, keeping your windows closed can help reduce fuel consumption. How? Aerodynamic. When the windows are open, the car is less aerodynamic than it should be. As a result, more wind resistance and drag is created, which in turn increase the fuel consumption. On the other hand, when your car’s windows are closed, it will become more aerodynamic. The more aerodynamic, the less fuel it consumes. This is especially true if you are going at higher speeds.

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Keeping Proper Tire Inflation
Last but certainly not least, you need to get the proper inflation for your tires. If you don’t know the proper inflation for your tires, you can check the owner’s manual. If your tires are not inflated properly, the fuel economy of your car is reduced to up to 5%. So, take your time to check your tires and see if they have the proper inflation.

These are the things you can do to reduce your fuel consumption. Should you do it? Of course. Reducing fuel consumption not only will save you your money, but also help in reducing the pollution in the street. We hope this article helps.


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