Tips for Purchasing a Car

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Many people loathe the process of purchasing a car. How could it not? Dealing with overbearing and pushy car salesmen is very frustrating. Yet, it is very important and therefore, needs to be done. To make the process easier to do, we got some tips below just for you.

Do Your Research
Among many other things, doing a research is the first thing you need to do it. The expression ‘Knowledge is power’ is true. And it applies to purchasing a car, too. By having knowledge beforehand, not only you will know what to expect but you will also be able to negotiate better. Start by researching about specifications, features you want in a car and price range. Do your research regardless it is a new or used car.

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Shop Around
Yes, shop around. You don’t have to purchase the first car that attracts your attention. Instead, shop around. Visit some dealerships, do some test drives, compare the price and find out warranty and return policies. The more dealership you visit, the better your chances to get the best deal and the most fitting car for your need.

Also, don’t limit yourself for in-town dealerships. Explore some dealerships outside your town. Why? Because, depending on its location, a car’s price may be different from one dealership to another. So, shop around.

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Negotiate and Negotiate
When you see a potential purchase, negotiate. Don’t be afraid to negotiate with a car salesman. Just think it like a chess match. You must get the best option you can get. After all, purchasing a car is the most important investments you are going to make in life, second only to purchasing a house.

When you interact with a car salesman, make sure to negotiate the loan and try to bring the purchase price down. You can bring the purchase price down by stating a ridiculous number. From here, work your way up to your real ideal price.

When dealing with a car salesman, be confident. Stick to your decision. There is no need to feel bad in case you walk away from any of their offers.

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Base Your Purchase on the Purchase Price
Instead of basing your purchase on the monthly payment, you should base your purchase on the purchase price. As we all know, car dealers often offer an attractive monthly payment to their potential customers. Yet, if we see this monthly payment carefully, many of them turn out are not attractive at all. For instance, a monthly payment that involves a 72-month loan. Again, use the purchase price instead.

Also important to mention, when you base your purchase on the purchase price, be sure to know the details of the price. There may be additional costs included in the price such as dealership costs, car preparation, delivery fees or tax which may not be known unless asked.
The purchasing process need not be loathed. Neither should it be avoided. After all, we all have to do the purchase sooner or later. We hope our tips above help you in the purchasing process. We also hope you get a car that fits you the best as well. Good luck!


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