Top 7 2019 Cars with the Fastest Acceleration

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It is not fun talking about cars without talking about acceleration. It is always exciting to see a car with fast acceleration. Here in this article, we are going to tell you 5 2019 cars with the fastest acceleration. Want to know them? Alright. Here they are.

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#7: Tesla Model S P90D (2.8 sec)
While it is an all-electric environment-friendly car, the Model S P90D is really fast. With its Ludicrous mode, it can perform on par with the best sports cars. It is capable of reaching 60 mph from 0 in just 2.8 sec. Yes, all this acceleration and very little left on the environment.

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#6: BAC Mono (2.8 sec)
The Mono lineup has been improved steadily by BAC. And now, we can see its results in the current Mono. This single-seater car has ‘only’ 305 horsepower and yet, it can reach 60 mph from 0 in less than 3 sec.

#5: Caterham 620R (2.79 sec)
Everyone knows that all Caterhams are really fast by nature. However, the 620R is different. It is really, really fast. With a 2.0-liter supercharged Ford engine capable of generating up to 310 horsepower, the 620 R can reach 60 mph from 0 in just 2.7, a testament to its amazing performance.

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#4: KoenigseggRegera (2.7 sec)
The only issue that prevents the KoenigseggRegera from going faster is traction. Powered by a 5.0-liter, twin-turbo V8 engine and three electric motors, the Regera has more power and torque than it needs. With such powerful engine, the latest Koenigsegg can reach 62 mph from 0 in just 2.7 sec. Given more room, it will be able to reach 255 mph soon after.

#3: Rimac Concept One (2.6 sec)
The Concept One from Rimac is an all-electric hypercar. And it is not just the usual electric car. The Concept One is one of 2019 cars with the fastest acceleration. It can reach 62 mph from 0 in just 2.6 sec. As a proof of its capability, it has been filmed recently outpacing both a Model S and a LaFerrari in a drag race.

#2: Bugatti Chiron (2.5 sec)
Seeing its features and speed, we expect the Bugatti Chiron is the top in the luxury performance segment for a few years to come. How could it not? It comes with very powerful engine and comfortable interior. Equipped with a supercharged W16 engine capable of generating as high as 1500 horsepower, the Chiron can reach 62 mph in mere 2.5 sec.

#1: Ultima Evolution Coupe (2.28 sec)
The 2019 car with the fastest acceleration is the Ultimate Evolution Coupe. Powered by a 6.8-liter, a supercharged V8 engine capable of generating a whopping 1020 horsepower, the Ultimate Evolution Coupe can reach 60 mph from 0 in just 2.28 sec.
These are the top 5 2019 cars with the fastest acceleration. As you can see, fastest-accelerating cars do come in various shapes and sizes. Some of them are powered by a petrol engine, some others by hybrid or even electric engine. There is one thing they have in common: they are all impressive.


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