Types of Tires and Their Usage

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There are many types of tires for cars. From all-season, all-terrain, high performance, summer and so on. Obviously, each type tire comes with its own specific usage. And as a car owner, it will be wise if you know them. Who knows someday you may need them, right? Alright. Here are types of tires and their usage.

All-Season Tires
As its name implies, this type of tires is made to provide a quiet and smooth ride for every season. They have a good tread life and may help in fuel efficiency. As good as it is, the all-season tires do have a downside. Since it is made for all-season, it is nothing more than a compromise. As such, it will not be able to handle extreme weather. All-season tires are a great option if you live in a place with mild winters but it will not be able to handle serious snow, ice, and sub-zero temperatures.

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All-terrain Tires
These tires are the ideal option for those who love off-road driving. All-terrain tires, as its name implies, can handle pretty much every terrain. From a beaten path, mud, sand to rocks. If you want, you can also take them on-road, too. You will experience more or less the same experience as you do with on-road tires.

High-performance Tires
This type of tires is made for those who want exceptional speed and performance. High-performance tires allow the engine to give optimal output. At the same time, it provides excellent grip on the road. While high-performance tires are great for races, they have the least treadwear ratings. As a result, compared to the other types, they don’t last as long.

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Summer Tires
Often known as “regular” tires, the summer tires can handle all seasons except winter. These tires offer great damp-road traction. Due to this, they are your ideal option to handle showers in spring and thunderstorms in summer. They are made of soft rubber which will harden when the temperature is below zero. As a result, they are not a good option for winter driving.

Winter Tires
Winter tires are tires that made specifically for extreme winters. These tires are made of special rubber which doesn’t stiffen in sub-zero temperatures. They also offer an excellent traction for roads with snow, slush, and even ice. If you live in a place with extreme winters, this type of tires will be your best option.

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Touring Tires
Touring tires are made specifically to offer a comfortable and smooth driving as well as superior handling. Touring tires offer reliability, minimum noise, and a long tread life. Most of these tires are all-season. They can handle dry and wet conditions as well. What they can’t handle are extreme weather conditions.

Spare Tires
Last but certainly not least, spare tires. These tires are your best friend in an emergency situation. Spare tires are available in two sizes: compact and full size. A full size is basically your fifth tire. Change your failing tire with it and you are good to go. It is a long-term fix. A compact spare tire, on the other hand, is a short-term fix. It will get you to the nearest auto shop but no more than that.

These are types of tires for cars. Now that you know them, you can choose which type that fits best for your situation. We hope this article helps.



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