Want to Make Your Car Look Shiny? Here Are Some Car Washing Tips for You

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Car washing is a must if you want to make your car looks great. Some car owners do it once in a week and some others simply can’t find the time to do it. Which one are you? Truth is, a simple, quick, and time-efficient car washing can do wonder provided that you know how to do it properly. Want to know how? Alright, here’s how.

Do It in the Shade
If it is possible, avoid washing your car under direct sunlight. Instead, try to do it in the shade. Washing your car under direct sunlight will dry the soapy water, which you should rinse off thoroughly before drying. Doing the washing in the shade keeps the temperature cool, thus allowing you to rinse off the soapy water. Remember, soapy water helps you to clean your car but it must be rinsed off thoroughly. Otherwise, it will make your car dirty instead of cleaning it.

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First, pour the car-wash solution into a bucket of water (preferably warm). Then, sink a hand towel in the bucket. Let it soak. Before you proceed, do remember that the type of the car-wash solution determines the outcome. Some car-wash solutions add water repellant or wax on the car, while others only wash off the car.
After the towel is soaked enough, don’t wring it. Just let it be. The wetter the towel, the better. Now, wash your car with the towel. If your car is large, you can cover your car in sections. Just remember to rinse off your car before the soapy water dries.

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Now that you have done washing your car, it is time to rinse it. The rinsing process should be easy and quick. Simply rinse your car thoroughly. Don’t allow any area to be covered with soapy water. In case your car is large, you may want to give it one final rinse before drying.

Dry Your Car and Drive It
When you are done rinsing, take a full-sized towel. Use the towel to drape your car. Drag it over broad surfaces so you can dry as much area as possible. You can also use a smaller towel for the smaller surfaces that you may miss with the full-sized towel. After you remove as much water as possible, drive your car for a bit. Allow the wind dry your car completely.

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Things to Keep in Mind
When you are cleaning your car, be sure that you use clean water (preferably warm one), soft towels and a high-quality car wash solution. Some car wash solutions are ready to use, some others are concentrate. In case yours is a concentrate, make sure you dilute it first before applying it to your car. Also, when you are rinsing, avoid using a power washer. If you do so, it may damage your car’s paint.

And that’s how you wash your car properly. Now that you know how to do it, you can make your car look shiny and clean even with just a little time in your hand. So, are you ready to try it?



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