Want to Purchase a Car? Here’s Why You Should Consider a Sedan

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Purchasing a house is our biggest purchase in life. What is the second? That’s right, purchasing a car. Since it is a big decision it should not be taken lightly. You need to consider a few factors before you purchase a car. Here in this article, we are going to tell you several reasons why you should consider buying a sedan.

A Proven Platform
The sedan segment uses an old yet proven platform. The segment has been in the market for decades, up to the point it became a known quantity. With the sedan, you know what you will get whether it is a Toyota Camry or Dodge Hellcat. Another segment like crossover, on the other hand, varies very differently. You don’t know what you will get. In the crossover segment, there is no such thing as a “regular” crossover. If you want to be safe and want a proven platform, you should consider a sedan.

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Seating Position
The next consideration for the sedan is seating position. It is true that seating position is one of the crossover’s main selling points. However, the high-riding seating position is not for everyone. On one hand, it does allow for a better visibility. On the other, it sacrifices the headroom. Thus, making it less comfortable to sit in. This problem is apparent for those who are six feet tall or taller. Many crossovers don’t accommodate those who are six-foot or above tall. Sedan does.

Fuel Economy
Sedan still has the best fuel economy among other segments. Both crossover and SUV can’t come close to sedan’s fuel economy. Two upcoming sedans, the Ford Fusion Hybrid and the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, are estimated to have an excellent fuel economy. The Fusion is estimated to have 44/41 mpg while the RAV4 is estimated to have 34/31 mpg. If your driving routine involves driving for many miles, you should consider the fuel economy factor.

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The visibility of the sedan segment is great. In this segment, you will get a bird’s-eye view, full 360-degree view and surround view. The crossover segment does have these features. However, since it applies the same formula as the SUV segment (such as rugged styling, high-driving seating position and lift) its visibility is hampered. Sedan, on the other hand, does not have this problem. It is true that not every sedan offers the pinnacle of visibility, but it is much better than other segments.

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Let’s be honest, the sedan segment has awesome styling. Need a proof? Just see Dodge Charger, Ford Fusion, Jaguar XF and Kia Optima. Other segments don’t have such excellent styling. Crossover segment, for instance, has designs that suit some people but not the rest.

Should You Purchase It?
Unfortunately, the answer is it depends. It depends on whether or not factors such as proven platforms, seating position, fuel economy, visibility and styling matter to you. If these factors do matter to you, then a sedan will fit you best. If, however, they don’t, it is best for you to look for another segment that does have what you need in a car.



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